Experience healing in a quiet peaceful retreat setting in the mountains of West Virginia.

What should you expect during a session?

Typically I will spend the first fifteen minutes talking with you and learning about what you would like help with. If it is your first session, this amount of time may be longer, we will also review any informational forms you have completed prior to our meeting. During our conversation, I will be actively listening and observing the energy patterns of the moment while inviting the Highest Good into our session.

During the interview process, I will ask you questions about your health. I am not a doctor and therefore do not diagnose illness or prescribe drugs, it is important that you share your health history with me. In doing so, I will know how to work with your energy system and which techniques to apply. In addition to traditional hands-on-healing techniques, I may also use essential oils, flower essences, or crystals to facilitate the healing session.

Once our discussion is complete, we will sit quietly for a few moments, then you will lie down on a massage table, fully clothed and, if necessary, supported by a bolster. You may also be covered by a blanket. Typically I will first give you a chelation which starts at the feet and ends at the head. A chelation is an energy healing technique that clears, charges and balances the energy field and chakras.

Even though subtle energy healing is hands on healing, it differs from massage therapy in that the practitioner’s touch is light. I may work with your energy without having my hands on your body; I have been trained to perform long distance healing using Skype or the phone.  During the chelation, the I maintain my connection to the earth, self, Spirit and you; working with your own energy field to facilitate change in your energy field. Energy is transmitted to you through focus, intention, and attention. Once the chelation is complete, I may use various other techniques, learned through years of training, until the completion of the healing.

During the session, your job is to receive and relax as much as possible. Each person’s experience during the session is unique and will differ. Some people find it helpful to pay attention to the breath. Others will fall asleep or enter into a half sleep or alpha state of relaxation. A wide range of emotions may arise. Often people find the healings to be very relaxing and experience a floating sensation.

Blocked energy is released, allowing you to have a fuller and more comprehensive sense of self. The relationship between you and your healer is transformative and awakens the interconnection between mind, body, and soul. This relationship may take time to build. I encourage you to soften into transformation and allow the organic process of healing to unfold.

Sessions may last up to ninety minutes. After the session is complete, I will spend a short amount time with you. While it is understandable that you might have questions after a healing, generally, it is advisable to keep the conversation to a minimum so that the healing can be fully held and integrated. Questions may be asked at a later time or at the next session. It is not uncommon to have vivid dreams the evening of the healing or in subsequent days.